The Grayson Group is partnered with a group of high net-worth individuals who invest long-term in multifamily properties. We locate value-add and renovation properties, bring our partners together for syndication, and quickly close on acquisitions that meet our investment criteria.  Our partners are vetted with a comprehensive investor assessment.  We are confident that our partnerships and investment strategy has positioned us to maintain and continue to realize our Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV).

our services

For Sellers

We work with property owners who need to sell their Multifamily and Residential properties fast for cash. 

For investors

We work with investors to bring them Multifamily and Residential properties for short and long-term hold

for partners

 We partner Sellers, Investors and communities to help them leave a legacy and create wealth through real estate 

our expertise

Since 2008

The Grayson Group has more than 12 years of combined experience in Multifamily and Residential real estate sales and investing.

market knowledge

The Grayson Group captures in-depth market data through various partner resources to fairly and comprehensively evaluate properties.


The Grayson Group always takes the Win-Win approach, understanding the needs of all parties to create the connections that achieve everyone's goals.

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